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1 1/2″ Stitched Double Layer Gun Belt



Our stitched gun belts are carefully handcrafted from the finest vegetable tanned leather from Hermann Oak.  Hermann Oak has been in business since 1881 and they are made in the USA.
Each belt starts off with two pieces of 8oz./9oz. leather that are glued together.  The edges are beveled and burnished for a smooth fit and finish.  Then the belt is sewn together to create a strong bond that will virtually last a lifetime.  Each gun belt comes standard with a stainless steel roller buckle but there are many styles for you to choose from.  These belts are 1/4″ thick and will securely hold your holster against your body without sagging like traditional belts.
Choose from our vast array of leather and thread color options to make your gun belt truly unique!

Please refer to the picture on how to properly size your belt before ordering.

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